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Take Time to Dream Academy

Guest post - In honour and celebration of the summer solstice Astrid Blake, founder of the Take Time to Dream Academy is extending a SPECIAL OFFER until the end of June 2023

Join Capture the Seasons Summer self-paced 5 day online course for those wishing to find inner calm, reconnect with nature and themselves. A transformative experience created to elevate wellbeing, creativity and your intuition.

FREE, to those who are willing to offer feedback.

(Normally investment of £144)

About Capture the Seasons, part of the Take Time to Dream Academy and the founder Astrid Blake

What gift can you give yourself today? A simple thing that will bring you calm, connection and great joy. Isn’t that what we are all looking for, connection to ourselves, to others, and the freedom in our hearts to let joy return, our natural state.

Two paths enable us to connect back with ourselves, they are found in the balance of the external and the internal worlds we inhabit. We are given the gift of NATURE, here you can start to find the clues. Nature, sets the pace, nature calms.

We all have times when we need to remember our connection and to feel more empowered by nature’s natural beauty and cycles.

Are you seeking inspiration for your business, work or simply yourself?

Astrids’ approach to creating a calmer life and boosting personal wellbeing is unique in that it blends her experience as a designer and founder of luxury nightwear lifestyle brand Alice & Astrid , design consultant to the top global trend forecasting companies and her journey through self-healing, meditation and relaxation techniques that engage the senses and tap into our powers of creativity and intuition.

As well as her established business as a designer and creative consultant Astrid offers online creative wellbeing programs and mentoring to people wanting to explore this approach to wellness and learn skills that can be applied to and elevate their life.

This is time for you to nourish and restore balance, feel connected and strong, to allow your creativity to be awakened and to see from a fresh perspective.

This unique 5 day self-pace online course is retreat for the soul, where you can,

  • Reconnect with nature.

  • Hone your powers of observation.

  • Develop a designer’s eye and transform how you look at things.

  • Capture the beauty of nature.

  • Tap into your unique creative spark and elevate it.

  • Gain clarity, focus and balance.

  • Be inspired.

  • Find calm.

What you get within each course.

Simple, easy but affective steps, follow the 5 days, designed with flexibility in mind.

  • Original material created for you to read and absorb.

  • Watchable recorded mini-inspiration videos from Astrid to motivate you.

  • Daily tasks and affirmations.

  • Downloadable worksheets.

  • A seasonal guided meditation.

I can’t wait to share this gift with you, email Astrid at today to take advantage of this gift.

Astrid x

Do let friends or family know or anyone who might benefit from this.

You can also connect with Astrid in her private Facebook group Take Time to Dream for more inspiration, guided meditations, special offers and challenges.

Or follow Astrid on Instagram

Discover more at

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