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I am a founder, an entrepreneur, a mum and a wife. 


I have created several successful businesses over the years and I want to 

My Work


share how I learnt how to make money and create your own business success. As well as running a fabric business, being a photographer and running The Enterprise Collective; I also write this blog and give advice to other people who are thinking of doing the same thing. 


I want to inspire others and help give them the tools to create their own business success. 


A lifetime creative, I graduated from Edinburgh University with a degree in Fine Art and began a career in teaching art, textiles and photography. However, a number of moves around the UK as the wife of a surgeon caused me to change direction and set up my own businesses which could travel with me. First, inspired by the birth of my daughter Phoebe, Flohr & Co was born - my fabric design company. Then my photography business, Photographs by Caroline, followed.


Juggling being a full-time mum of three and the running of two businesses was intense - and isolating. Working alone from home, often around the children’s commitments and late into the evening, I could see the huge potential benefits to myself and others of a like-minded community coming together to support, help and inspire each other. Instagram proved an amazing, informal way of connecting with other people beyond the four walls of home and through my @drswife account I built some wonderful relationships with my followers and, in particular, with other creatives.

By 2018, I was in touch with many of my followers - we all had questions, information, tips to share - but each of us had so little time. It was then I had the crazy idea to try and get us all in a room so we could exchange our

stories, share our experiences and help to inspire each other to grow our creative businesses. It was then that I organised our first ‘instameet’ in the back room of a pub in Boston Spa….the turnout and response was far beyond my expectations. It was then I knew that I wasn’t the only one in need of a tangible and supportive creative community and The Enterprise Collective was born…


I am the one behind the Instagram account, responding to questions from our community, working behind the scenes to recruit inspirational guest speakers and securing incredible venues for our meets and managing our evolving website and its offerings. 


years on and I have a range of different collections all drawn by myself. I sell my linen fabric by the metre and I have a team of makers who make all my soft furnishings including curtains, blinds, cushions and lampshades etc. Please have a look on the website to see my full collections of fabrics. 


When searching to decorate my daughters nursery I discovered there was a lack of classic neutral fabrics and so I decided to design my own. Three 


I have always loved photography for as long as I can remember. I got my first camera when I was just 7 years old. I went on to study GCSE and 

Alevel photography and continued this at the University of Edinburgh. I then taught art, textiles and photography at a secondary school in Somerset called Millfield. There I taught mainly darkroom photography, which I love and one day dream of having my own dark room again. Now I take photographs of lifestyles, children, flowers, food, families and weddings using natural light. 

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