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3 Ways the Moon is Impacting Your Health

You may not consider it, but the Moon has a huge impact on your health. If you are in love with all things astrology and astronomy, you'll understand exactly how planetary movement and our star signs impact the way that we act. You might have even noticed some of the stories that the weird things tend to happen during a full moon.

You can ask any hospital employee: A super moon often shows that there's going to be more births and more accidents than usual. There are anecdotes around the ways that lunar cycles affect everything from the way that we give birth to road rage and crime. You can even check out how your birth month can affect your mood. But the moon isn't magical; though it does have an emotional effect. It's a celestial object that gives us that feeling of awe and excitement, but it's important to understand what it can do for you. There are plenty of ways that the moon can impact your health, and we've got them listed for you below.

  • You find yourself tossing and turning. When you are struggling to sleep, you might blame things such as your job or too much caffeine during the day. But if you're struggling to sleep when there's a full moon, then the moon may be at fault. Did you know that there is research that comes from Switzerland that shows that some people who sleep in a full moon have poorer quality sleep? They also had decreased levels of melatonin in their blood, which can suggest that the brightness of the moon can tamp down the body sleep signals.

  • Feeling a little out of sorts. During the month, we all have our ups and downs and our mood swings. But if your out of sorts mood is coinciding with the full moon, then there's every chance that the full moon is triggering that for you. For those who deal with bipolar disorder every day, the moon can actually cause some psychological distress. The moon's brightness can fill us with awe and rob us of sleep, but the absence of it can also contribute to how we feel and lower our moods.

  • It can send you into labor. It's a common old wives tale, but there is an increase in birth during the full moon and you just have to ask any midwife about this. There is always a spike in deliveries when the moon is full for those working in maternity wards. Of course, there are always research trials done to determine this, and while there hasn't been any scientific research to back this up, it's one of those things that just seems to happen each time there is a full moon. It's much like saying that an emergency department is quiet. You can guarantee there will be an accident on the next call.

The moon is powerful, that's for sure. If you are feeling affected during the month, you should determine where you are in the lunar cycle to see if the moon is at fault.

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