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December Diaries: Cosy Moments and Festive Delights

"In December, fashion is not just about what you wear; it's the warmth in your heart and the twinkle in your eyes that make every outfit a statement of festive joy and love."

Hello, wonderful souls! Can you believe we've stepped into the enchanting month of December? I'm here, snuggled up with a cup of steaming cocoa, ready to share all the cozy moments and exciting adventures this month promises. Grab your blankets, let's dive into the warmth of the holiday season together.

As December unfolds, I find myself relishing the prospect of not having to rise early in the dark, bidding farewell to the hurried school run, and simply winding down for Christmas. This year is extra special, as we'll be spending the holidays at home, hosting four sets of dear family and friends. The anticipation of the bustling festive period is both thrilling and heartwarming.

Despite the whirlwind of events, I confess I haven't begun my Christmas present shopping yet. But fear not, dear readers, for if you've been following my Instagram, you'd notice that my Christmas decorations are nearly all up. One box ticked off, and the cozy, festive ambiance is settling in.

November treated us to delightful moments, with a memorable dinner at Grantley Hall's orchard restaurant. The live band, the three-course meal - it was an opulent treat for the senses. If you haven't experienced the magic of Grantley Hall in Yorkshire, I highly recommend it. Impeccable service, delectable food, and an indulgent spa – it's a haven of luxury.

Speaking of indulgence, our Christmas tree hunt took us to Methley Park estate near Leeds. Cutting down our own tree was an experience straight out of a holiday movie. If you're yet to find your perfect tree, a visit to Methley Park estate promises a delightful Christmas adventure.

November also saw me hosting an event at Coppergate clinic in York, where we delved into the often misunderstood world of plastic surgery. Aesthetic transformations, whether through hair dye, teeth whitening, or careful skincare, can be life-changing. Coppergate clinic, with its team of Yorkshire-trained plastic surgeons, showcased their expertise and commitment to holistic beauty.

A recent escapade took me to London for Christmas shopping, soaking in the twinkling lights and attending the fantasie Wacoal lingerie event. It's always a joy to meet the team in person, preview upcoming collections, and indulge in a fitting session.

A spa day at Swinton Park Estates added a touch of relaxation to the busy schedule. Steam rooms, saunas, a full body massage – it was a pampering session in a picturesque setting. The day ended with a healthy and nutritious lunch, proving that self-care can be both indulgent and mindful.

The Cox and Cox pop-up shop in Leeds Victorian quarter was a delightful experience. Meeting wrapping paper expert Jane Means was a dream come true. The gifted items now adorn my Christmas tree, a testament to the magic of the season.

A visit to Castle Howard showcased a Christmas Peter Pan display that left me in awe. The effort put into each room's design was truly magical, and chatting with Charlotte Lloyd Webber added a personal touch to the experience.

The month began with a pinch-me moment at the Hobbs press evening in London. A 23-course dinner at Loui's restaurant, head-to-toe in Hobbs - it was a fairy-tale evening that marked the culmination of years of collaboration.

December holds the promise of more exciting PR events, carol services at the minster in York, and a secret trip planned for early January – stay tuned for the reveal! Don't forget to follow my YouTube logs for weekly updates on my December adventures.

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Wishing you all a warm and joyous Christmas, and a fabulous New Year. Join me back here on January 1st for more updates and discoveries. Until then, may your days be merry and bright! 🌟🎄

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