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Our Unforgettable 10-Day Getaway at Cretan Malia Park: A Greek Paradise

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

This summer, our family embarked on an incredible 10-day vacation to the captivating island of Crete, Greece. We had the pleasure of booking our holiday through F&P Travel, with the invaluable assistance of their expert agents, Clare and Anna. Our destination was the renowned Cretan Malia Park, a hidden gem tucked away amidst the mesmerising natural beauty of Crete. From the moment we set foot on this enchanting island until the day we bid farewell, our adventure was nothing short of a dream come true.


Nestled along the pristine coastline, Cretan Malia Park provided a tranquil oasis to escape the daily hustle and bustle. Our beautifully appointed family interconnecting room was good, plenty of space, little patio outside. The resort's warm hospitality and immaculate amenities left us feeling relaxed throughout our stay. check out the bunk bed rooms on the website - this would have been good but book early to get them as they were all booked when we booked. things to note are each room has a blackout blind which is great.

Also if you can get one of the rooms that backs onto the river pool you are guaranteed a reserved sun bed which I wish we had, again we booked to late to get this.

Culinary Delights

One of the highlights of our holiday was indulging in the delectable cuisines offered by the resort's exquisite restaurants. Every meal was an exploration of the rich flavours of Greece, with each restaurant offering a unique experience. From traditional Greek delicacies at "MOURIES" to the Itailian at "ALMYRA," we found ourselves on a gastronomic journey like no other. At every bar and restaurant there was a qr code where you could scan to see the menu.


This is the main buffet restaurant where we went for breakfast and evening meal. The food here is excellent, 10/10 according to my children. We would have happily eaten here everyday but I think it was nice to break it up with other restaurants.


This is an Italian restaurant and the food was great. Please note if you are half board you have 15 euros per person and anything more gets added to your bill. The children loved the pizzas but note they are adult size pizzas on the kids menu. We had the risotto and pasta and both were very good. This restaurant has a great location as it’s right by the beach, the decor is lovely.


This is a traditional Greek restaurant, beautiful decor, great service. Probably not the best one to go to with kids but they had freshly made pasta and sauce and like it. I had catch of the day and my husband had lamb, both were good. I then had a traditional Greek desert which was lovely.


This was my children’s favourite place to go in the afternoon. They gave a great selection of ice creams, waffles and pancakes. This was all extra which we added to our bill.


This restaurant by the pool, it has a great atmosphere but we never ate there as in the evening it’s only for adults. (You could leave your children in the kids club which is open until 8pm and go or get a babysitter) the food looked good and lots of people had lunch here.


This is the bar on the beach and we loved coming here for a pre or post drink after dinner. It was a great atmosphere as the sun went down.

Beach Bliss

With its pristine sandy shores and crystal-clear waters, the beach at Cretan Malia Park was nothing short of a paradise. Our family spent countless hours building sandcastles, playing in the sea, and relishing the gentle caress of the Aegean breeze. I think there were about 90 double sunloungers under an umbrella. There was a life guard around all the time. Under each umbrella there was a bell to ring for the waiter.

Pools and Relaxation

We lounged on comfortable sunbeds, sipped cocktails by the poolside bar, and took leisurely dips in the sparkling waters. They provided the perfect space to bond as a family and create lasting memories.

There are two pools, one which we called the main pool next to the front of the hotel. This has different depth levels, my girls aged 9 & 11 love this. My 5 year old perfected the river pool (the other pool) as it was shallower in parts and he could easily walk etc.

There were lifeguards at both pools but they finished at 6pm.

Also note there is no adult only pool. It’s very much a family resort I would say.

Kids Club

One of the reasons we chose Cretan Malia Park was its kids club. Our children were thrilled to join the Mini Explorers Club, where they engaged in fun and educational activities under the supervision of friendly and attentive staff. From creative arts and crafts to beach scavenger hunts. If you have children 0-8 I would say it’s great. My girls were a little bit too old however they did join in with a few things. The itintery changes weekly and the ladies who run it are very nice. You can drop in and out of the sessions you want to do and there is no need to book. It was also no added extra cost like it is in most hotels.

There are some teen activities but we found not many turned up and my girls were in between ages. The place (teenager area) is a great place to hang out in the evenings and watch a film on the screen. They offer free popcorn which was always a hit. They have a ping pong table, snooker and darts there.


There is a shop in the hotel which was a similar price to others.

If you turn right outside the hotel drive you will find a basic supermarket with essentials.

If you turn left you will find 3 tacky shops that the children love to buy souvenirs. Malia is about 20 min walk, however I would not go there unless you need to.


We went half board which worked well for us as we had a big breakfast and nothing to else until the evening meal (apart from the odd ice cream etc) to go full board for our family of 5 it would have come out at another nearly £3000 extra. I think we spend around £1500 on extras which included the taxi transfer which was 120 euros each way. Also note that if you go all inclusive you still need to pay for some drinks and food, not all is included.

If you are not flying back until late, ask for a courtesy room and you can use this at the end of your day to have a shower in. Check out is at 11am and then they will store your bags until you leave. You can use all the facilities even though you have checked out.

You can use the pedalo and paddle boards for free but on quite a few days it was windy so there was no swimming so we did not do this.

You can book to do wine tasting which I wish we had done, and olive oil tasting which again I wish we had done. All of these are extra and you need to book in advance.

There is a gym which looked great, sadly I didn’t go. The spa/treatment rooms were very small and again I did not go so I can’t comment but it looked nice as did the yoga space.

Things to remember:-

Lots of factor 50 sunscreen

Bite cream

Mosquitoes spray

No need to bring towels as they have towel stations dotted everywhere

Book your restaurants in advance before you go

Pack uno


Our 10-day at Cretan Malia Park in Greece was a vacation of a lifetime. Thanks to the exceptional services of F&P Travel and the invaluable assistance of Clare and Anna, every moment was filled with joy, relaxation, and adventure. From the delectable dining experiences to the delightful beach and poolside retreats, the kids' club, and the exploration of Crete's treasures, every aspect surpassed our expectations. As we returned home with our hearts full of beautiful memories, we knew that this Greek paradise had etched its place in our hearts forever.

Booking the Dream Vacation

Planning a family vacation can be quite overwhelming, but F&P Travel made the process effortless and enjoyable. Clare and Anna, the travel agents who assisted us, were a delight to work with. They patiently tailored our itinerary to our preferences, ensuring we made the most of our 10-day stay. Their expertise and attention to detail set the stage for the perfect



Thank you this sounds great. Did you do any day trips / is there much to see in the area? Thanks

Replying to

Hi Hannah, Thanks for reading and your comment. Yes you could venture out and rent a car etc but we wanted to do nothing so thats is exactly what we did. You can watch my vlog here from the whole week - Best wishes Caroline

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