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Chapter 2 - February

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

“If January is the month of change, February is the month of lasting change. January is for dreamers… February is for doers.” — Marc Parent

These months really do come around fast! February, the month that I find the hardest to spell (I am dyslexic), can often feel much longer than it is! I have two February babies, so it is a time for parties and celebrations in this house. And all this comes straight after my birthday in January, so there is no let-up to the festivities! Last month I celebrated turning 40 and was taken to New York by my amazing husband as a surprise. Check out my latest vlog on this once in a lifetime trip; there will also be a blog to follow.

This month I’m looking forward to:-

I can’t possibly write about February and not mention Valentine’s Day! Although this is not a trait that I share with my husband, I love Valentine’s Day. The romance and anticipation are just fabulous. I don’t let James’ cynicism dampen my excitement for it; I just lay heavy hints and suggestions and hope for flowers at the very least!

This year, we won’t be together for Valentine’s as James is away and, since it falls in half-term, I am heading south to see my family. We have lots of activities planned and will be adventuring with my sister and her three children. Everybody loves our cousin time, and we will all have great fun together as a riotous gang. For some ideas and inspiration on what to do with your kids over half term and to see what we get up to, don’t forget to check out my vlog on YouTube where there will be lots of recordings.

I also have some fabulous adult-only time planned for February. Grantley Hall, is certainly the smartest and most luxurious hotel that I have ever been too. I have visited here a couple of times for dinners and have wanted to try out the spa for a long time. I am going for the day with a girlfriend and couldn’t be more excited. The Three Graces Spa offers Wellness Day Packages that provide a day long health and wellness experience. The Spa Day package includes a 60-minute treatment, access to the spa and thermal facilities, use of the ELITE gym strength and conditioning area, a daily yoga class and a light lunch. And I cannot wait!

This month I’m celebrating:-

Birthdays – both my daughters were born in February which means the month is jam packed with birthday celebrations and parties. I have always done big parties for them, but now that the girls are a little older and they have closer groups of friends, those parties where their whole class is invited now feel unnecessary. I am hoping this year to move away from those big, stressful (and expensive) parties and looking forward to doing something on a smaller scale that is much more intimate. If you are looking for some party inspiration, check out my vlog as there will be lots of ideas coming your way.

Now that the renovations on our gorgeous old coach house are finally finished, 2023 is going to be the year of dinner parties! With our new kitchen and lounge in full swing, we have a serious number of people invited. The state of our house before all the work, meant that I was too embarrassed to invite people over and so we owe lots of people a lot of dinners! And of course, I can’t wait to show off our new rooms.

This month I’m working on:-

I am really excited to start working with Phase Eight. This month I will be going into the Phase Eight York store to meet the team and be given a special tour. They are going to be showing me some of their new products and I will be doing lots of recordings for my vlog so watch this space!

This month I am wearing:-

After my trip to NY, I have noticed that logo tops are really in fashion. In my efforts to try and move with the trends and as a nice reminder of my amazing birthday trip, I bought this fabulous New York logo top from H&M which I am styling with jeans, a jumper, trainers and a long wool coat; cosy and comfy!

And talking of comfy and cosy, I am absolutely loving these fabulous Sleeptight Light Pyjamas from Joules (AD/PR). I just love the colour pop bindings and the gorgeous bees, which are a hand-drawn print, make me smile.

We have an exciting family event this month as my youngest niece is getting Christened in St Paul’s Cathedral. I have this fabulous cobalt blue Rebecca Lace Dress from Hobbs (AD/PR) that I am planning to wear. It needs a jacket, which I am yet to find, but I can’t wait to wear this eye-catching and gorgeous lace shirt-dress.

This month I’m watching:-

I have been watching the fabulous medical drama Maternal on ITV. It tells the stories of three doctors and their heroic work on the NHS frontline post-Covid. It is a six-part series and I really don’t want it to end. It’s about motherhood and working in the NHS and is written with a lot of humour and warmth. My husband has been watching some of it with me and he says that unusually the technical medical terms they use in it are accurate; so the writers must really know their stuff and researched well. If you haven’t seen it already, give it a go!

This month I’m recommending:-

I have some February health and beauty recommendations to help get you through the end of the winter. For the past few weeks, I have been taking Magnesium Rocks from Strong Nutrients and have been amazed by the difference they have made to my sleep. I often really struggle to get to sleep; it’s been suggested this is to do with blue light from my phone, as I have a terrible habit of being on my phone in the evening in bed. However, these supplements have been helping me drop to sleep really quickly and sleep more deeply. Magnesium is commonly used to help sleep and to help muscles relax, but it also helps nerve and muscle function, supports a healthy immune system, and keeps your heart and bones healthy. Winner!

I really love this sustainable natural deodorant from We Are Wild. You can choose the colour of your reusable Wild case, then choose your favourite Wild fragrance and either subscribe or buy once. We Are Wild are trying to change the throwaway culture and common single-use plastics of bathroom products, so their natural deodorants have refills for the cannister. I have bought one for each of my girls on a subscription service and really love this product. Here is a code for 50% off your first purchase.

I have also discovered these amazing under-eye gel pads from Sefudun. These 24K Gold Under Eye Treatment Masks are so brilliant to use in the evening. They have natural and organic ingredients that are anti-aging and reduce dark circles and puffiness. They also have a cooling and relaxing effect and are quickly absorbed by the skin. In this cold weather, they are giving my eyes a real treat; I’ve found the skin around my eyes is really starting to age and these gel pads are wonderful at moisturising and rejuvenating.

This month I’m dreaming of:-

Whilst we were in New York, I paid a visit to Tiffany & Co’s flagship store on 5th Avenue. My engagement ring was bought from Tiffany’s over 13 years ago and in New York instore, for the first time, I got it professionally cleaned. I cannot believe the difference! It looks just like new and is so sparkly and wonderful; I have no idea why I haven’t done this before. Whilst we were there, I had a sneaky peek at their eternity rings and found one I just love. This is something that I have wanted for a long time and am just putting it here in case my husband reads this, or someone he knows gives him some clever hints! I live in eternal hope…

Wishing you all a happy and healthy February; the last of the winter, phew! Don’t forget to check out my vlog and blog about New York, party ideas and other fabulous February moments.

Love Caroline xxx


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