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Cyprus Holiday - July 2022

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

We have just had the most fabulous holiday in Cyprus and I thought that I would let you

know about some of the details.

Having young children, and the diabolical expense that goes with them, followed by the

Covid pause on travel, meant we hadn’t been on a holiday abroad for five years. We also

realised that we had never been away just the five of us. Holidays had always been with lots

of other people and whilst it is great fun being away with friends and family, it isn’t always

the most relaxing. Nor do you actually see that much of your spouse or children!

So, we made the decision to try and go away every year just as a family; last year we did this

and went to Salcombe, which was brilliant. This year however, I was absolutely determined

that we would go somewhere abroad. As much as I love the UK, holidaying here is definitely

not the cheapest option and I was desperate for some assured heat and sunshine.

After a bit of searching, and an alarming discovery that the kind of holiday I was hoping for

seemed to cost about £10,000, I decided to get some help and came across Lyndsay Roberts

who works as a travel broker. Lyndsay is based near York and describes herself as “an

independent concierge service who works on your behalf to understand exactly what you

want from a holiday” and then takes away all the hassle of booking it! Lindsay takes

commissions from the bookings that she makes, so you don’t actually pay for her services. I

gave Lyndsay my brief – it had to be hot, I didn’t want to have to do any cooking, I didn’t

want anything too commercial, or too kid-centred (think huge plastic water slides), and it

needed to be tasteful and in beautiful surroundings. We were sent lots of different quotes

and places and mulled it all over for a few months. Once we had made our decision, Lyndsay

then booked everything, organised our flights and even printed our tickets and sent

everything to us in advance.

Our chosen destination was Cyprus and we stayed at the 5-star Almyra Resort, which is very

family friendly and slightly smaller than some other resorts. We opted for the half-board

package, which included breakfast and dinner, but not drinks or the kids-club.

We had two rooms that interconnected; the three children had a bed each in one room and

we had a lovely double. Not having stayed in hotels before as a family, I was unsure how the

sleeping arrangements would work, but it was fabulous to have joined rooms with lots of

space. To keep costs down, we did not have a sea view, but there was so much fun to be

had in the resort that we literally only slept in our rooms and didn’t find this a


The Almyra Resort was absolutely brilliant for our needs as a family. As well as being right

on the beach, it also has three different pools; the children’s pool was completely shaded

from the sun (which my doctor husband really loved) and shallow enough that the children

could easily and safely play. I bought a swimming toy bag from Amazon for just £15 and it

kept all three of my children thoroughly entertained! The second pool was deeper and for

both adults and children, and the third pool was adult-only. James and I took turns to go and

sit and swim in the adult-only pool which gave us both some golden relaxation time.

The Almyra Kid’s Club was also brilliant. All the staff spoke English and there were all kinds

of on and off-site activities. We booked the children in for an afternoon, and they loved the

three different activities they did. They would happily have spent some more time there,

but at 30 Euros per child per half day session, it was quite expensive and they were pretty

blissful playing on the beach and in the pools!

Our package allowed us to eat in the main restaurant of the Almyra Resort and the food was

excellent with a huge amount of choice; lots of local Cypriot dishes, but also cuisines from

all over the world, fabulous salads and gorgeous puddings! Eating in this restaurant was free within your package. You could also eat in two restaurants in the sister hotel next door Called Annabelle. With a budget of 28 Euros per

person, which you could top up, or you could have what was on the chefs menu that night within your package.

It was fun to have this variety and we went across twice for dinner and cocktails at hotel Annabelle.

Overall, we had an absolutely fantastic time. The resort was brilliant and enabled us to have

some quality time together as a family and made it all very easy. Including flights, transfers and accommodation, the holiday cost came in at around £4000 for two adults and 3 children. We then spend an additional £600 on drinks,

kids club, lunch, taxis and some adult time in the spa (including a massage each!).

Things I would do differently… In hindsight, we probably would have been better off staying

on the full-board package. The children (and the parents!) would have definitely enjoyed

more of the Kid’s Club, and, if it had been cheaper, we would have sent them again. The

journey to Cyprus is long! Whilst the holiday itself was easy and relaxing, the journey was

not. If we were to go this far again (the flight was four hours) it would be better to go for 10

days rather than just a week.

Things to be aware of… The weather was very hot in July. Apparently, April is a lovely time

to go to Cyprus but the swimming pools are very chilly so you might not get so much

distraction time from them for children. Because it was so hot, I hardly wore any of the nice

clothes I packed! We all spent most of the holiday in our swim wear and I could have done

with more loose things to just throw over the top of my swimmers! The children lived in their Bride & Bert towelling robes pretty much all week which I highly recommend ad/pr use the code SimplyC for 15% off.

Top tips… Almyra had transfers to and from the airport included in the price. This was so

welcome after a long journey with children and something I would definitely opt for again.

Whilst Cyprus was very hot, the plane was freezing and so don’t forget to pack trousers and

jumpers for the journey!

You can watch my Cyprus vlog here on my YouTube channel.

I hope you are all having a fabulous summer and survived that crazy and intense heat! To

see what I am up to over the school holidays, don’t forget to check my Instagram and

Love Caroline xxx

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