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Decor Ideas For Making Your Home Relaxing All Year Round

A relaxing home, ironically, takes a lot of effort to put together. You have to focus on the cosy aspect that’s particular to you and your style. Sometimes that means putting plants in every corner, sometimes it means taking a minimalist approach and reducing clutter as much as possible. But no matter your taste in relaxation, we can help you out with some general tips if you’re not sure how to create a stress-free paradise within your own four walls.

Put a Scent in the Air

A scent in the air can completely change your perception of a space. What is otherwise a little bland and white to the touch becomes rich and vibrant when you incorporate more than your eyes into the design! So either get some candles or install a couple of plug in air fresheners. The more your home smells nice, the more you’re going to sit back and relax, and that’s always good for the soul.

Hang Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper adds a little tropical effect to a space, and gives you a chance to bring nature indoors, especially if you’re otherwise allergic to pollen or struggle to keep houseplants alive! Find and buy a different kind of floral wallpaper for each room and hang it, either on one wall or a section of wall. Not only will this make the space feel more ‘homey’, but it’ll give your rooms more character on top of that. A good floral wallpaper should transport you, and make you think of cosy situations worldwide!

Convert a Sunroom

A sunroom is one of the best renovations for relaxation. You can use it no matter the weather, even if it’s pelting it down with rain, and still feel relaxed and safe in your home. Why? Because rooms like conservatories and orangeries are made to beat back the weather. And if you’ve got a skylight above your head, being able to both see and hear the patter of the rain might just put you to sleep! Then when the sun comes back out, you won’t need to head outside to bask in its warmth.

Add More Seating Than You Think You’ll Need!

Why? Because you’re going to want to sit down more often than you think! So pop a seat in the kitchen, a seat in the bathroom, and even a seat in the hallway, both up and downstairs (if there’s room). The more you can take a seat and take the weight off your body, the more relaxed you’re going to be moving around your home. You can complete housework sitting down and won’t have to drag chairs back and forth - what could be better for you!

If you want to relax in your home no matter the time of year or how cold it is outside, use design tips like these. A relaxing home should take the stress off as soon as you walk into it, and that’s what the above ideas are really aiming for.

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