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Perfectly Placed: kitchen and pantry organisation

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

I was approached by the fabulous husband and wife team, Claire and Ben, who have recently started their own company Perfectly Placed. Their love of organising and keen eye for design have been brought together to create life changing storage solutions for kitchens and pantries. Their aim is to re-organise and design your kitchen storage spaces in a way that is tailored to your specific needs to make your kitchen space function seamlessly.

Whilst the renovations to our old coach house have made our kitchen a thing of beauty, the organisation of the internal cupboards and larder could definitely have used some specialist help and so I jumped at the chance to work with Claire and Ben. They offered me a bespoke design tailored to my lifestyle and family, selecting the best storage containers and creating a perfect storage solution for my kitchen. In exchange for this fabulous design experience, I am helping to promote Perfectly Placed on my Instagram, YouTube and blog channels (AD/PR).

The first step in the process was Ben and Claire coming to my house to visit the kitchen and see the space. During this time, they took lots of notes and measured all the necessary spaces to redesign the larder and cupboards. We also discussed where I wanted things to be placed and how we wanted things to work and be situated.

They then went away to create their design and order the jars and other equipment needed. The next stage was a consultation on Zoom where the design concept was shared with plans and drawings for my approval. At this point, Ben and Claire really dug down into the smallest details to consider where things should be placed to really make our kitchen and larder function best. The final step was the installation of the new organisation system which was completed over a day.

Ben and Claire were a fantastic couple to work with and who have an incredible attention to detail. My kitchen now looks as good on the inside as on the out! It is really easy to see what there is in the cupboards and things have even been arranged by date to reduce waste.

Perfectly Placed offers a free consultation in which they delve down into your lifestyle, current kitchen and pantry setup and how you use this space. Whilst it is a Yorkshire based company, Ben and Claire can offer Zoom consultations for people based elsewhere. The first stage of their design process is a free initial consultation over the phone, or you can check out their website to find about their design method and to see their portfolio.

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