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We are very excited to be collaborating with @theweekjunior

Updated: Apr 3, 2023


We are very excited to be collaborating with The Week Junior as Phoebe is already a

big fan and has been reading it for the last few months! The Week Junior is Britain’s fastest growing children’s magazine. Did you know that you when you get a subscription to The Week Junior the first six weeks are free?

Click here to subscribe and see Phoebe’s favourite weekly articles. The link will also show you their Activity Hub - sharing a host of things you can do with your children to keep them busy this half term.

When you are young, you’re naturally curious about the world and everything in it - but the

world seems to be made for grown-ups; complex and unknowable. The Week Junior is an award-winning, current affairs magazine for 8–14 year olds - delivered weekly. It is filled with fascinating stories and information, written to engage curious minds. Read by over 90,000 families every week, it explains the news and events in ways that

children can understand; immediate, colourful, exciting. From news to nature, science to geography, and sport to books, The Week Junior explores an extraordinary array of topics from around the globe. Written to engage a young person’s point of view, without spoon-feeding or patronising, it explains events in a safe, accessible and inspiring way.

Why read The Week Junior? 

  • It’s packed with intelligent, safe and balanced content to feed curious minds.

  • It gives your children a weekly opportunity to explore and discover amazing things about the world.

  • It provides young people with a space to develop independent thought and their own

  • opinions

While Phoebe reads and learn, I can put my feet up and enjoy a well deserved break!

Let me know in the comments if you will be subscribing.

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