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Our bathroom makeover

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

After years of renting, all I had ever wanted was a bathroom with a bath that I could actually get in. The baths we had in previous rented houses had been pretty grim, so when we finally moved into our own home the bath was first on our to-do list. The bathroom was in such a state prior to us renovating it and had not been used for years.

The photos show how much hard work was going to be required.

We had a very small budget so, knowing nothing about installing a bathroom, my husband used Google and did all the work himself (with a little advice from one of his patients - a plumber). I had no idea he could plumb, tile or create such wonderful panelled walls.

First of all we picked our colour scheme - pink, gold, navy blue and a bit of brown on the floor tiles and above the sink unit. We also used some white tiles in the shower to brighten the room.

I always wanted a pink bath - but pink baths are so hard to find. Originally we wanted an old vintage bath, however we found that they were very expensive and extremely heavy. We found a much more affordable, plastic bath at Victorian Plumbing. Initially it was grey, but we painted it pink. Choosing grey meant that, should it chip, it would appear more like a cast iron bath. We chose the colour Hellebore - a beautiful colour matched shade of pink - from Little Greene. I actually wished we had painted the girls' bedroom in this beautiful shade too.

The wood-effect floor tiles were from a Leeds-based company called RNG Ceramics. They are a family company and are great to work with. They gave us loads of advice. We decided to use a dark grout between the tiles and create a herringbone effect. Although my husband hurt his back during the process, I think by the end of it, he was very pleased with the results.

For the shower screen, we were looking for one with a black grid effect. The cheapest we found was from Victoria Plum UK and I think it looks quite effective. It was so heavy and definitely required at least two people to help install it. The tiles in the shower with white grout and are from Tile Mountain UK. We did want to use a dark grey grout, however the walls are not straight and we thought it would emphasise this. The shower itself is from Homary.

To hide the old worn out walls and pipes, we decided to panel the room. This was then painted using Hague Blue, Farrow and Ball.

Adding the final touches, we bought the light from B&Q and sprayed the bolts gold at either side. This made it look more expensive than the original design. We got the door for just £15 from Facebook Buy and Sell and the door handle was kindly #gifted to us from Broughtons.

The chest of draws were also £15 (from Gumtree) and the handles, which I love, were from Sawyers of England.

As you can see, we both learnt a lot throughout this bathroom project. I am really pleased with how it all turned out and I am so proud of my husband for doing all the work himself (knowing nothing about how to fit a bathroom when he first started). Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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