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Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Hi, welcome to Simply Caroline. Allow me to introduce myself; I’m Caroline, a 30 something, short (five foot, two inches), dyslexic, fake blonde. I am a mum of three (four if you count my husband James) to Phoebe, Matilda and Rafferty. As well as this, I am also a business owner, photographer and content creator. This blog is my own space to share all that I love, with the hope that you’ll find some enjoyment and inspiration too.

My husband has finally just got his consultant job. He trained for 18 years and he was still considered as a junior doctor until March 2020. I am writing this blog to not only help other doctors' wives but for the rest of you to see that it is not as glamorous as you might think!

As mentioned above I am very dyslexic, so

this blog is mainly going to be

photographs and videos.

Here is a little bit about our life - my husband works long hours so we hardly see him. We are on our own most of the time as my parents live five hours away. Four years ago my husband got a Plastic

Surgery number up in Yorkshire; there were 10 jobs in the country when he applied. You just get told where you are going in the country. It could be; Scotland, the South West - anywhere - you just have to move. We moved from Devon (and previous to that Bristol) up to Yorkshire. We have been up here for five years whilst he trained in the different hospitals around Yorkshire (Bradford, Hull, Leeds, Sheffield and Wakefield - a year in each). I come from a town called Marlow in Buckinghamshire. We currently live in a village called Boston Spa, just off the A1. This is an ideal location for him to be able to get to all of the hospitals in Yorkshire. I feel very fortunate to have found it. It's a charming place and I've made plenty of wonderful new friends. You will find lots of images on my Instagram

account of this pretty place.

I set up my fabric and photography business in 2014 when my second baby, Matilda, was born; I realised I had to give up my teaching career to follow my husband's job around the country and look after our children.

I also take photographs and you can find my website here - I started off doing lifestyle family shoots and now I love working with small businesses, photographing them and their brands. I also love to photograph interiors, flowers and food.

After setting up my businesses, I began to find working at home very lonely and I longed for work colleagues again. I found there were lots of people, like me, working from home so I decided to set up The Enterprise Collective (formally Yorksinstameet). The first meet up took place in November 2018 and it has grown organically over the past few years. Both Bee and I have different roles in the business and I certainly could not do it alone. Without both of us it would not be such a growing success.

I always wanted a job (or multiple jobs in my case) that I could do from anywhere; this lead to forming a career on the Internet. It all ties nicely together and means I am able to look after my children whilst creating my own career. My children motivate me to work harder to give them all the opportunities I can.

We have recently bought our first ever house - wooohooo. Being married to a doctor means you are constantly moving around and not knowing where the next job will be. For now, we have settled in Yorkshire and we are loving it. The house is a big, long project that is never ending. My blogs will be about my renovation on a small budget.

I am very proud of what I have achieved in the last few years and decided I need a central website that collates the many facets of my life.

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